Konomi, Inc. is uniquely positioned to represent clients in the Japanese environment. It can offer important advantages over other Japanese intermediaries, most of which are large lending institutions or securities firms with historical ties to, and vested interests in, particular Japanese clients.

Konomi, Inc.'s contribution can be maximized by requesting it to participate from the first stages of designing a transaction or a product.

Independently owned and operated

Konomi, Inc. is independently owned and is not affiliated with any financial or business group in Japan. Moreover, it has no ongoing lending or underwriting business relations with any particular firm. As a result, it can represent clients' interests free from conflict.

Bi-cultural staff

All Konomi, Inc. officers have a bi-cultural background both educationally and professionally. Thus they communicate easily across cultural and professional boundaries, and can clearly explain the Japanese business climate to outsiders.

Japanese connections

Konomi, Inc. has important connections and a proven history of successfully dealing with notable names in the Japanese industrial and financial communities.